The Retro Kats line was born out of design necessity. There was nothing we could buy that was just right for our kitties, and that vibed with our house. A love of wine, whimsy, faux fur, vinyl and wood became what you see today.

We strive to make a quality product with outstanding attention to detail. Our  suppliers have been chosen very carefully; we use the best so we can make the best. The faux fur we use is so delicious and decadent – it begs to be petted. We use reclaimed wood that is 80 to 100 years old and turn it into something new again. Wine crates are the perfect choice for repurposing and up-cycling. And using 100% hemp rope for our scratchers is an expensive choice, but we think one that is beneficial to our kitties and the planet, for oh so many reasons.

We offer each of our products in a Built Box Line and a Wine Line. The Built Box Line is comprised of boxes we build ourselves; they are a mix of pine, reclaimed wood and finished plywood. We cut the wood, stain it and construct the boxes. The finishes range from rustic, to shabby chic to sleek. If you are a devotee of the grape, then  express your love of wine and your feline in one fell swoop with our Wine Line. Wine crates are just too cool to waste, so we don’t.  

Like everyone who owns a furry four footed friend, our inspiration for the how and why of what we do comes from them. To put it simply, we design and make what Stanley and Retro love. They are the coolest of cats.....

we are just their pet parents.

Our products, your home….a la “Tupperware”.  Cocktails, shopping, and sharing fascinating
stories about your kitty cat

with other like minded

pet parents – what could be
more fabulous?

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Husband and wife design team David and Fallon Milligan not only create all the Retro Kats products together, but they handcraft each and every one too. Every feather, piece of fur, sheet of vinyl, row of hemp, every plank of wood – from concept to completion – they work side by side to make fun and funky feline love. Yes, it does make for a lot of splinters, and some full wine glasses.  Those wine crates don’t empty themselves you know......

And as it all happens right here in sunny Southern California, that means our products are proudly made in the USA.

                                                                                                  General Provision:

Actual sizes of boxes, heights of posts, trees and all products you may purchase are as close as possible to those measurements listed on this site, but will and may vary from product to product due to the natural imperfections and inherent variations in the wood and wine crates we use. Stock available at any given time may vary from that shown on the website as far as colors of vinyl, faux fur, feathers, wood stain, type of wine crate, etc.

                                                                             We reserve the right to change our designs at any time!

Have a


We make artistically designed feline furniture........you know, stuff for cats. 

          Our line reflects our eclectic sense of style, and satisfy’s our kitties innate
desires as well; climbing, sleeping, scratching, and sleeping some more.

The Retro Kats
Stanley & Retro