• Base measures 22 to 24 inches long by 14 inches wide

  • Base and middle box also serve as perch and launch pad

  • Top box is storage area for toys

  • Half Pipe is a plush place to sleep, and is 16 inches long

  • Top perch measures 12 x 16

  • Total height is approximately 55 inches tall

  • Approximately 48 inches of scratching post covered in Feline Weave Natural Sisal Carpet, durable and fibrous

  • Fun feathers encourage play

Retro’s Resting Post is our top of the line, and it just has more of everything. It’s a scratcher, a very tall scratcher, which makes for an awesome climb. Fun pass through box via the diamond shaped cut out for the kitty who likes to get there
quicker. Levels for lounging, launching and general mayhem abound. There’s even a storage area for toys and treasures. A Half Pipe makes for a perfect respite and when kitty feels like ruling the world, the top perch is where they can make their stand. Got two kitty cats? Plenty of room here. Everything about Retro's Resting Post is lavish and lush, which is just what your spoiled kitty deserves.

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Our Box's are made from a combination of pine planks, finished ply & reclaimed wood. We also use repurposed wine crates.  Weight is added for kitty’s sense of security.

retro's resting post

The Retro Kats