GreySun's hide-a-way

  • Base measures 22 to 24 inches long by 14 inches wide, 4 to 5 inches tall 

  • Base also serves as a low perch and launch pad

  • Top reclaimed wood box measures 17 x 15 x 10, and is quite plush

  • Half Pipe is 16 inches long

  • Hide-A-Way is 16 inches long and 12 inches tall inside, plenty of room to park and maneuver

  • Total height is from 37 to 44 inches, just right for a front row window seat

The Half Pipe and the Hide-A-Way are our take on the cat condo, the cat tree… know, those carpeted monstrosities that are not so pretty to look at. Our cat crash pads start with three solid boxes of various sizes and makes, perfect for kitty to climb and lounge upon. Reclaimed wood is the star of the top box, which is open and inviting, a splendid place for kitty to curl up and watch the world go by.  The cherry on top is a sumptuous faux fur lair; the Half Pipe is a bit more open for the kitty who likes to be seen, the Hide-A-Way, for those who value their privacy. Either way, kitty never looked so good doing so little.

Smoke's Half-Pipe

The Retro Kats



Our Box's are made from a combination of pine planks, finished ply & reclaimed wood. We also use repurposed wine crates.  Weight is added for kitty’s sense of security.