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Sweary Swag by The Retro Kats. New to our line.

The Story

David & Fallon went to a fabulous champagne party. Their gracious host introduced them to lots of new friends, many of whom introduced themselves as queer, including their sexual preference along with the how’s and whys of this as part of the evening’s conversation. 

David & Fallon had recently lost their niece Andrea.  Andrea was queer, and for David & Fallon, her spirit seemed to be everywhere that night, present in all the beautiful, colorful, unique, strong amazing individuals they met, in every story they heard. As the night progressed, and the champagne flowed, more and more people told David & Fallon their own stories, to honor and connect with their grief over Andrea. At one point as another person was explaining who they loved, and how, and why, Fallon said, in the nicest way possible, "Oh honey, I don't give a fuck who the fuck you fuck.” The room stopped. And we all laughed. And hugged. And someone said, “I want that T-shirt”. David came up with the design, and a few tweaks later, here we are.

And though that phrase was first uttered on that night by Fallon, the truth of it has always been a part of who we are. And it is for everyone, anywhere, who has ever loved someone that someone else told them they should not. It is for the young girl in Ohio who cannot bring her boyfriend home to meet her dad because his skin is not the right color. It is for the older woman who cannot introduce her young lover from another country to her friends. Or for the country club boy who loves a girl “from the other side of the tracks”. And for all the Andreas of the world.